Wiffle Ball Champions

Darkness and Dominator will reclaim the championship

Free Agent signings?

Now, we never thought it was possible, but Team Loveshack has tried to contact some professional athletes to add to their roster for much needed help, especially after their feud with the Sun. This is a violation of Wiffle Ball Tournament rules, and these actions are under investigation.

It was a joint effort in part by Crybaby Nik and Tony Premo. Anderson Varejao and Joakim Noah, some of the two ugliest people were contacted by Team Loveshack. Anderson Varejao known for nothing more than a ball of hair, is victim to many brutal facials, which could be a reason why Team Loveshack contacted him. They want to know how he can still wake up in the morning after being made fun of for countless hours and how he can handle losing.

In related news, Dwaye Wade has contacted the Champions and after becoming a true Free Agent in 2010, would like to join the team in search for another ring. When asked about the recent rumors, Wade confirmed them by saying “They are the best right now, and after talking with them I feel like them guiding me in the right direction will help me win more championships in my career. I feel like Crybaby Nik or Tony Premo wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure.” Wade has provided us with this clip for the site. Thanks D-weezy!

Joakim Noah, on the other hand is known to upset all people with the way he talks, but is an important evolutionary subject between humans and chimpanzees. Not known for his jumping, Joakim Noah who is half chimp can leap from tree to tree, and might have been a huge acquisition in the field to stay in the trees robbing homeruns from Darkness and Dominator during the next Championship. Also known for his dancing, Crybaby Nik has been quoted of saying that he would love to learn the way Noah dances for his Broadway “adventures.”

Here you see Noah dancing after the National Championship where they beat the Ohio State Buckeyes. Darkness wants nothing to do with Noah. “He’s a [expletive]. He can go [expletive] himself. And go jump off a [expletive] bridge. [expletive] him and his team.” (The rest of the quote is even more inappropriate, so was edited out). Tony Premo, also known for being a Buckeye simply said, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Which is very unfortunate.


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