Wiffle Ball Champions

Darkness and Dominator will reclaim the championship

Equipment Scandal

With all of these rumors circulating about how Team Loveshack actually won, it is not a surprise that yet another report came out. This time Tim Kurkjian was the one to receive the news.

The official bat and ball of the Wiffle Ball Tournament should have been the yellow bat, with the ball pictured below. Tony Premo and Crybaby Nik were given the duty of getting the equipment back in 2008. However, in an effort to beat Darkness and Dominator, Crybaby Nik and Tony Premo could not find the official ball and bat, and had “to settle” for off-brands. Because Darkness and Dominator are used to using the official equipment (because winners never try to take the least expensive road, when it comes to championships), they were out of luck and had trouble adjusting to the new equipment. This perfectly explains how Crybaby Nik and Tony Premo were able to take the first three of four games in the seven game series.

Official Items:

What was acutally used:

Darkness and Dominator have only had a few words to say on the matter. “We didn’t have any idea about the situation. We don’t believe Crybaby Nik and Tony Premo would have cheated on purpose, but I guess that is what the investigation will find out. We would no longer like to discuss if they have cheated or not, but we do know, we play the game according to all the regulated rules.”


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