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“They’re too gay for even us…” – The B-52s cut ties with the Loveshack

The not-so beloved team Loveshack has obviously derived their team name from the famed 80s group, the B-52s. As you know, the group’s most successful single, 1989’s “Love Shack,” is a song that’s known by many. Both Tony Premo and Crybaby Nik have publicly noted their love for the song and reasoning behind changing their team name.

“Ever since we snaked that [2008] championship, I’ve just wanted to spread the love around, and I know my team supports that. We didn’t want to be associated with losing, so we wanted to show our appreciation for the fans and let them know that there’s plenty of us to go around, if you catch my drift.”

-2009 Losers‘ Loveshack Press Release

After catching wind of this name change, many wondered if the washed-up group would press charges against the team for stealing the name of their smash-single.

Singers Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson showed a lack of care for the matter after being asked about any pending lawsuits.

You kidding me? Those queers can have that song. We wrote that song to get in good with the gay community anyway, but they’re too gay for even us.  So by all means, feel free to use it. We’ve spent all our money from that single on methamphetamines and other hallucinogens, so I couldn’t give a [expletive] less what the [expletive] they do with that [expletive] song. Just don’t use our [expletive] Flintstones theme song. Now that would be a lawsuit-worthy situation.

-Cindy Wilson/Kate Pierson, The B-52s

Enjoy “Loveshack“:


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