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The Loveshack unveil new jerseys!

There you have it, folks. The unveiling of the brand new jersey for your local Loveshack “warriors” is finally here. If you remember, the duo sported something a little more manly last year, having a close family relative be the representative/mascot.

This year, shit got real for them. After having congratulatory words from Hollywood’s Finest Gays and being sponsored by GLAAD, the team has decided to go in a new direction. They’ve also decided to opt for the “baby doll tee” as opposed to a man’s jersey, because…well…you know.

“You know, I’m a skinny guy. I chose the baby doll because it makes my figure look way better.”


“I just like the colors!”


Look for these new jerseys out on the field at the championships!


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New Endorsements for the Loveshack!

Big news for the Loveshack camp. Two new corporate entities have come forward and expressed their support and furthermore, monetary endorsement of the Loveshack.

Nissan has come forward as the first supporter, namely with their newly released US product, the Cube. After seeing the Losers prevail over the Champions, and subsequently changing their name to the Loveshack they came to an agreement that they would create a new line of the Cube appropriately dubbed ‘The Loveshack series.” Because the car undoubtedly is home to many comparisons to shacks, homes and cardboard boxes. Naturally, the Cube wanted to be a part of such a historically queer team, so the series will feature new colorways such as “Yelpin’ Yellow,” “Pretty in Pink (pictured below),” “Babydoll Blue,” and team favorite “Lovely Lavender.”

The official launch will be in 2010.

A second sponsor is more of a moral support type deal. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, known as GLADD, have expressed their sponsorship of the Loveshack. As you may know, GLADD has been pivotal in the careers of Ellen Degeneres and Rosie O Donnell, and are allowing Gays to prevail in professional sports as well.

Several prominent figures in the Gay and Lesbian community spoke out in support of the Loveshack.

“I think this is a great opportunity for these two nancy boys to really stand up for their kind and make all of us proud.”

-Ellen Degeneres

“I agree. If I was a guy, I would do them.”

-Rosie O Donnell

“I am a guy, I would definitely do them.”

-Adam Lambert

Will they bring home the Gold for the Gays? Stay tuned.

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