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What the Loveshack has been up to…

Well over the past few years, there has been some growing (or lack of) on part of the Loveshack. Let’s start with where the team name of the Losers became the Loveshack.

After cheating their way to victory, the Losers showed way too much emotion and became very close with their one fan. They were so excited that they built a tree house and would often have camp outs in the tree house supposedly thinking of strategies to stall another Wiffle Ball Tournament against Darkness and Dominator.  Subsequently, they would listen to the B52’s record “Loveshack” and named their tree house that – for whatever reason. This has been confrimed as the true story by multiple unbiased sources.

So, The Loveshack has noticed that the Darkness and Dominator, despite the loss has still gotten the attention of many celebrities and big time sponsors. Many sponsors understand the controversy surrounding the Loveshack’s “victory” and have called the upset one in a million.

Nike and Wale both teamed up with Darkness and Dominator with a shoe deal for them with one of the team songs being Wale’s “Nike Boots.”


While Crybaby Nik wonders how his shoe can’t be signed. He tries to take one of the Dominator’s shoes and due to his lack of intelligence can’t figure out why The Loveshack can’t get endorsements despite their “victory.”

nikit nike boots

Crybaby Nik earned his new nickname after being compared to Brad Lidge. As we are all aware, Brad Lidge has had his ups and downs, but his one good year came after the “victory” by the Loveshack. Lidge said “I was inspired by the fact that I can still blow an entire world series (see: 1st championship won by Darkness and Dominator), but come back and help a team win the championship.”


Crybaby Nik has been doing his own part to try to get in shape. He has been trying to lift weights and immitate his baseball idols by doing a spring training of his own. However it hasn’t been going well, as this tabloid found a picture of Nikit and one of his “friends” having the same size biceps! If you don’t believe us, well that’s your fault, because pictures don’t lie.

nikit muscles same size

Tony Premo has also been doing his fair share of spring training, but still not succeeding. Tony Premo’s nickname comes from Tony Homo, which comes from Tony Romo, the current “quarterback” of the Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo has been known to blow games especially late in the year, and although he may have a great regular season, he’ll choke when the games count the most. Much like what happens to Tony Premo.

romo snap

Tony Premo was found with a T-shirt on at the beach near the ocean. Who still wears t-shirts when they are about to go for a swim, especially if they had been “spring training”

premal flexing still wearing a t-shirt

It has been confirmed that instead of working out and getting stronger, both Crybaby Nik and Tony Premo have been doing other things that involve guys. The pictures will speak for themselves.

nikit sniffing underwear

(Crybaby Nik sniffing guys’ underwear)

premal hawaii

(Tony Premo goes to Hawaii with two guy “friends”)

Stay tuned for more to come.


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