Wiffle Ball Champions

Darkness and Dominator will reclaim the championship

Interesting fashion choices…

While the Champions are gearing up for a repeat of 2006’s victory, the Loveshack has different agendas in mind. It seems as though Crybaby has slowly began his transition from wiffle ball to his real love — broadway.

He was recently out on the town promoting his local theatrical performance of Mario the Musical: Storming Bowser’s Castle. In a recent interview with Dance Weekly, he mentioned his love for the stage

Hot damn, I love dancing. Anything to get me into these tights pretty much is a guaranteed sign-on for me. God bless the theater! It’s so RAW!

Premo, however, is a bit confused. Now, everyone loves Kanye West and there’s no problem with that. But he’s pulled outdated replications of the rap superstar and began to believe that shutter shades are actually in. Here he is at a local party with what seems to be a Taylor Swift impersonator wearing shutter shades.

After a brief interview with Kanye, the WBC Blog would find out that Mr. West is no longer affiliated with Shutter shades and has since stopped wearing em.

WBC: So Kanye, Premo has been seen sporting shutter shades and alluded to you as inspiration. How do you feel about that?

Kanye West: Dog are you [expletive] kidding? My hat, my shoes, my coat – Louie Vuitton stitched.

Kanye West has been a huge fan of the Champions since Day One and in 2007, wrote a song about the team, aptly titled, “Champion.”

Here’s Kanye West with the champions at Kanye’s birthday party in 2007:

Stay tuned.


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